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2 Mirada Half Moon Bay +Coastal Development Permit  +
2018 Sea Level Rise Science Update +Policy Guidance  +
22nd District Agricultural Association (Del Mar Fairgrounds) +Coastal Development Permit  +


AB 1129 – Coastal Access and Preservation Act +Bill Support  +
AB 2002 +Legislative Support  +
ATF Shoreline Armoring Goleta Beach +CDP amendment of ATF development  +


Bannasch Living Trust sea cave-notch fill +Coastal Development Permit  +
Batiquitos Lagoon Public Access Trail +Cease and Desist Consent Order and Administrative Fine  +
Bay City Partners LLC Development +CDP Application  +
Big Lagoon Park +Local Coastal Program Amendment  +
Black Hill Villas +De Novo Hearing  +
Broad Beach +Coastal Development Permit  +
Brown After-the-Fact Permit +After-the-Fact Coastal Development Permit  +


CEMEX Cease and Desist +Cease and Desist Consent Order  +
Camino Del Mar - Del Mar Seawall +CDP  +
Carr Cabana Appeal +Substantial Issue hearing. Appeal by Commissioners Zimmer and Bochco.  +
Cayucos Del Mar Hotel +De Novo Hearing / W21a A-3-SLO-09-058  +
Cayucos Sanitary District Chevron Outfall Repurposing +Coastal Development Permit  +
Cease and Desist Order OceanAire Apartments Pacifica +Cease and Desist Consent Order  +
City of Dana Point LCP Amendment - Strands Beach +LCP Amendment  +
City of San Diego Local Coastal Program Amendment Regarding Children’s Pool +LCP Amendment  +
City of San Diego Secondary Treatment Waiver +Federal Consistency  +
Civil Penalty Administration - the Lents +ease and Desist Order and Administrative Civil Penalty  +
Cojo Jalama Ranch +Cease and Desist and Consent Restoration Order  +
Consideration of Dismissal of the Executive Director +Consideration of Dismissal of Executive Director  +
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