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Vote 00fkg4hha +City of San Diego Secondary Treatment Waiver  +
Vote 01hgvxm9b +Solana Beach Sea Cave Fill-in  +
Vote 01ufogp55 +SB 1190  +
Vote 02mr58ga0 +O'Neal Solana Beach Seawall  +
Vote 02ybjruhe +Public Recreation Fee - Solana Beach LUP - Vote 2  +
Vote 04l970joc +Opal Cliffs Private Access Substantial Issue  +
Vote 05d15ojax +Cojo Jalama Ranch  +
Vote 060n43mbm +Wave Resort Dana Point  +
Vote 09o8ztctv +Solana Beach Sea Cave Fill-in  +
Vote 09uvic3pm +Navy 5-Year Training and Testing  +
Vote 0bb6z2hle +Marin LCP Update  +
Vote 0bfrys48e +O'Neal Solana Beach Seawall  +
Vote 0c1promkl +Hitzke Mixed-Use Development  +
Vote 0cfs692e1 +Solana Beach Tennis Club Seawall Revised Findings  +
Vote 0d4xnzb8j +Solana Beach Sea Cave Fill-in  +
Vote 0f289azuc +Long Beach LCP Amendment - Demolish and Rebuild  +
Vote 0gfqbbaxv +Sharp Park  +
Vote 0gyy4yr7o +Paradiso del Mare Development  +
Vote 0hcy9txtl +Reconsideration of Monroe/Sloan Erodible Concrete Seawall  +
Vote 0hj3emxrj +Public Recreation Fee - Solana Beach LUP - Vote 3  +
Vote 0hu75hni7 +Pismo Beach Seawall – Army Corps of Engineers  +
Vote 0i7p5kbgp +22nd District Agricultural Association (Del Mar Fairgrounds)  +
Vote 0ige6pqy9 +Local Coastal Program Grant Awards for Fiscal Year 2013-2014  +
Vote 0ihvkhxxd +“The Ranch” Laguna Beach  +
Vote 0iuhaj1kg +Rydings House  +
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