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Issue:Solana Beach Barr Development
DecisionType Coastal Development Permit  +
IssueMonth June  +
IssueOutcome Bad  +
IssueOutcomeDescription Coastal advocates urged the Commission to deny the application and avoid setting a dangerous precedent in Solana Beach, but after some discussion, the Commission voted to approve the project.  +
IssueReason Coastal advocates see this project as sett
Coastal advocates see this project as setting bad precedent- why can’t other properties now follow suit, relying on neighboring properties for their approved seawall to support a new development. As stated by staff there’s no way for this development to occur and be compliant with all LCP/LUP policies- and this is exactly why the project should not have been approved.
the project should not have been approved.  +
IssueSummary This application for a new residence on a
This application for a new residence on a coastal bluff sparked grave concerns from coastal advocates, who cited the Coastal Act’s prohibition against new development that would require “protective devices that would substantially alter natural landforms along bluffs and cliffs.” This project involves complete demolition of existing structures and the building of a new house on the lot. Additionally, the Solana Beach Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan strictly forbids new development seaward of the “Geologic Setback Line” due to the danger of erosion, making this lot too small to accommodate the new residence in the current location without shoreline armoring. The applicants are depending on an existing sea wall in order to ensure that their new home will not be threatened by natural bluff erosion.
ot be threatened by natural bluff erosion.  +
IssueYear 2,016  +
Lobbyist James Chinn  +
Opposition Surfrider Foundation  +
Policies Chapter 3 Policies  +
StaffRecommendation Approval with Conditions  +
StaffReport http://documents.coastal.ca.gov/reports/2016/6/w22b-6-2016.pdf  +
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Issue:Solana Beach Barr Development + , Issue:Solana Beach Barr Development +
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