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  • Issue:San Diego Convention Center Expansion  + (Opponents argued that there was a lack of transparency in the local process, and that non-contiguous alternatives should have been considered that would have minimized the negative impacts to public access, viewshed and recreational areas.)
  • Issue:22nd District Agricultural Association (Del Mar Fairgrounds)  + (Opponents urge protecting the lower 1/3 of
    Opponents urge protecting the lower 1/3 of the East parking lot. The Fairgrounds own study finds parking alternatives. There is no basis for the Commission to choose cars over wetlands. Wetlands must be protected. The Fairgrounds already agreed to return the South parking lot to wetland to mitigate for years of Coastal Act violations. The Fairgrounds cannot claim the “South” lot restoration is mitigation for continued grading and fill of the illegal East parking lot.
    and fill of the illegal East parking lot.)
  • Issue:Pismo Beach Seawall – Army Corps of Engineers  + (Opponents wanted to build a precedent for
    Opponents wanted to build a precedent for ensuring that the full impact of seawalls will be considered in future permit reviews. They also wanted to ensure that the Corps of Engineers complied with federal law requiring its projects to be consistent “to the maximum extent practicable” with the policies of California’s coastal management program.
    f California’s coastal management program.)
  • Issue:Sea World Orca Enclosure Expansion  + (PETA, Assemblymember Richard Bloom, Unite
    PETA, Assemblymember Richard Bloom, Unite Here Local 11, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Western Alliance for Nature, Earth Island, SONAR, Endangered Habitats League, Black Surfers Collective, Humane Society of U.S., Whaleman Foundation, Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation, Shark Stewards, Smith River Alliance, Biodiversity First, Tolowa Dunes Stewards, Organization of Regional Coastal Advocates, Friends of the Earth, Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust, Grassroots Coalition, Environmental Protection Information Center, Wildlands Conservancy, League for Coastside Protection, ECOSLO, Faith Action for Animals, West Marin Environmental Action Committee, Origami Whales Project, S. California Watershed Alliance
    Project, S. California Watershed Alliance)
  • Issue:Drakes Estero Wilderness Federal Consistency Determination  + (Phyllis Faber, William Bagley, Corey Goodman)
  • Issue:Solana Beach Sea Cave Fill-in  + (San Diego County Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation)
  • Issue:Trafalgar Canyon San Clemente  + (Save Trafalgar Canyon coalition, Surfrider Foundation)
  • Issue:Santa Monica City Services Building  + (Several local residents)
  • Issue:Resolution on Sea Level Rise and Shoreline Preservation  + (Several residents of City of Pacifica)