The California Coast Accountability Project

March 2014 Coastal Vote Chart

2014-03 Votes

The March hearing did not produce any high priority conservation votes. An item to repair and expand five existing seacave/notch infills in Solana Beach was postponed at the last minute by the applicant. Coastal advocates are following this issue closely because there are many concerns about “erodible concrete” not eroding at the same rate as the natural bluffs and the “expansion” of existing seacaves is so extensive that some advocates believe it should be classified “new development.” Another highlight of the March meeting included a legislative update by Commission Staff. Each year, Commission Staff monitors bills that could impact the coastal zone. Of particular interest is a piece of legislation that seeks to re-establish public access to Martin’s Beach,  a popular Northern California beach that was closed off after a Silicon Valley billionaire bought the adjacent land.


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