Cayucos Sanitary District Chevron Outfall Repurposing


September 1, 2019

The Cayucos Sanitary District (CSD) proposed to repurpose an existing Chevron Estero Marine Terminal offshore pipeline for use as a treated wastewater effluent outfall with discharge from a new tertiary Water Resource Recovery Facility that the CSD is constructing further inland. The proposed work is part of a larger project called the Cayucos Sustainable Water Project that ultimately seeks to achieve 100% reuse of the treated effluent produced by the CSWP. Surfrider opposed repurposing Chevron’s ocean outfall in Cayucos and instead urged Cayucos to find a way to recycle their water, find creative storage solutions or share an existing outfall with the City of Cambria. Surfrider was concerned the community may become dependent on this outfall, using it for other needs rather than planning for zero ocean outfall. Commissioner Mike Wilson addressed this concern by adding a special condition prohibiting any other uses for the outfall. Commissioners approved the project unanimously.

Why You Should Care

This is a great opportunity for Cayucos and neighboring communities to move forward with designing smart water plans that will make the best possible use of water supplies – instead of dumping it into the ocean.


Pro-Coast Vote

Anti-Coast Vote

Commissioners shared concerns with Surfrider and explored options for moving the project forward. Commissioner Mike Wilson suggested the addition of a special condition that would prohibit any additional uses of the ocean outfall in the future in order to avoid delay of the ultimate goal of zero ocean outfalls in San Luis Obispo County. Commissioners agreed with this condition and the project passed unanimously.

Organizations Opposed

Surfrider Foundation

Decision Type

Coastal Development Permit

Staff Recommendation

Approval with conditions

Coastal Act Policy