Coastal Commission Meeting Descriptions & Vote Charts

The Coastal Commission meets monthly in different coastal communities in California, from Del Norte to San Diego counties. The Commission deliberates on the merits and drawbacks of proposed coastal development projects within the 1.5-million acre, 1,100-mile long California coastal zone. The California Coastal Act itself provides the policies and standards that guide the Commissioners’ decision making.

Each month, ActCoastal selects the most important Commission votes and rates them as being either pro-coast or anti-coast. A description of the issues affected by each vote, as well as a record of individual Commissioners’ votes (pro-coast or anti-coast) and their alternates or absence, appears in the monthly vote charts. Select a meeting name or issue/outcome to read more about Commission conservation decisions.

Pro-Coast Outcome
Anti-Coast Outcome
Meeting Name & Summary
Crescent City
There is no vote chart recorded for this meeting.

The Coastal Commission's three day meeting in Imperial Beach was held on October 11-13.

Imperial Beach

The Coastal Commission met in Eureka on September 6-8. The busy 3-day meeting featured several important ActCoastal votes on public access, shoreline armoring and sand nourishment.


The Coastal Commission meeting took place in Oxnard on August 9-10. On Wednesday morning Commissioners and the public discussed the U.S.- Mexico border pollution crisis and the need for emergency action, discussed further below.


The Coastal Commission’s June meeting took place virtually over two days on June 7 and 8. The shorter agenda packed several significant votes. The Commission voted to oppose SB 423, an affordable housing bill that would exempt certain coastal development from the Commission’s review, unless it is amended. The Commission also supported AB 80 which creates a working group for monitoring and research impacts to the ocean ecosystem related to offshore wind development. They also approved a correspondence letter from the Commission to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) elevating the need to address the toxic water quality crisis at the U.S.- Mexico border. Additionally, the meeting resulted in an enforcement item approval, penalizing Malibu homeowners for blocking beach access to Escondido Beach. The homeowners are now required to create a new access pathway and public parking along the Pacific Coast Highway. The meeting resulted in two vote charts.


The Coastal Commission’s May meeting took place in Sacramento on May 10-12 in Sacramento.


The April meeting took place virtually over Zoom on April 12-14. On Wednesday, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy gave an informational presentation on their coastal access program and 2023 work plan.


The Coastal Commission’s March meeting took place on March 8-10 in Half Moon Bay.

Half Moon Bay

The February Coastal Commission meeting took place virtually over Zoom. On Wednesday, incoming executive director, Dr. Kate Huckelbridge, reported on the 2022 Year in Review report and a summary of the emergency response to the devastation storms in January.


The November Coastal Commission meeting took place in Salinas on November 16-18.


The Coastal Commission’s October meeting took place in San Diego on October 12-14.

San Diego
2022/ September

The Coastal Commission’s September meeting took place in Pismo Beach on September 7-9.

Pismo Beach

The Coastal Commission met in Fort Bragg on Wednesday, July 13 through Friday, July 15.

Fort Bragg

The Coastal Commission’s June meeting took place in San Diego on June 8-10.

San Diego

The May Coastal Commission meeting took place in Costa Mesa on May 11-13.

Costa Mesa

The Coastal Commission April meeting took place in Ventura and virtually on April 6-8.


The February Coastal Commission took place virtually on Wednesday, February 9 through Friday, February 11.


The Coastal Commission’s December meeting took place December 15 - 17 and featured a jam-packed agenda.


The Coastal Commission’s November meeting took place on Wednesday, November 17 and Friday, November 19.


The Coastal Commission’s October meeting took place on Wednesday, October 13 and Friday, October 15.