Ocean View Plaza


November 1, 2019

Monterey developers requested a permit extension for a previously approved permit in 2008 for a major redevelopment of Cannery Row. The project would include retail, restaurant, condominiums, parking garages and more along both inland and seaward sides of Cannery Row. Given changes in the State Water Resources Control Board’s policy on ocean desalination, the desalination component of this project could not be approved today. As such, without a self-supplied source of water, the project has no identified water supply. Additionally, the Commission’s understanding of the extent of future sea level rise has changed substantially. Existing Conditions and Issues Report shows that the area in which the project site lies will be impacted by sea level rise-induced inundation by or before 2060, within the economic life expectancy of the project. The Commission denied the permit extension request.

Why You Should Care

The project itself, along with changed circumstances since it was originally approved in 2008, demonstrate substantial nonconformance with the Coastal Act.


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The Commission agreed with the staff report and denied the permit extension request.

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Surfrider Foundation

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Permit Extension Request

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