SB 423 - streamlined housing approvals


June 1, 2023

As of the June meeting, SB 423 would repeal the provision in existing law that precludes the streamlined approval process from applying in the coastal zone for multi-family housing projects. It would allow development in wetlands or critical habitat for listed species if development has been authorized by federal or other state law and would undermine Coastal Commission authority. Surfrider and a coalition of other NGOs are also opposing the bill unless this aspect of the bill is amended.

Why You Should Care

Unless amended, SB 423 would undermine the California Coastal Act and its protection for coastal resources, public access and environmental protection.


Pro-Coast Vote

Anti-Coast Vote

Commissioner Mike Wilson highlighted that affordable housing challenges exist difficulties at the local government level. Chair Donne Brownsey stated that the Commission has a track record of expediting good housing projects, particularly if there is an affordable component, making the point that taking the Commission’s authority away on these types of projects is unnecessary. Newer commissioners Justin Cummings and Annie Nothoff both expressed strong support for goals to expedite the availability of affordable housing, agreeing that this particular bill is not the solution. Commissioners encouraged the bill’s author to make an amendment that restores Coastal Commission authority.

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Staff Recommendation

Oppose unless amended