Solana Beach Defacto Seawall Reconsideration


April 1, 2018

In December 2017, the Commission denied an application to install a 90-foot long, preemptive “erodible” concrete seawall. The applicant then filed for reconsideration, the subject of this item. Coastal Commission staff recommended denial of reconsideration since no new relevant evidence was presented and there has been no error of fact or law which has the potential for altering the Commission’s decision.

Revised findings in support of the Commission’s denial were already approved at the March hearing. The Commission found that the proposed infill would adversely impact beach access, recreation and visual quality, all of which are inconsistent with Chapter 3 of the Coastal Act. The agent, Walter Crampton, maintained the portion of the bluff proposed for armoring is indeed in danger of collapse in Solana Beach.

Commissioners unanimously denied the request for reconsideration.

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There is by no means any justification to reconsider the commission’s decision and doing so would set a dangerous precedent for the Coastal Commission


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Commissioners unanimously denied the request for reconsideration without remarks.

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Staff Recommendation


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