Meeting Overview

December 2020

The Coastal Commission’s December meeting took place virtually from Wednesday, December 9 through Friday, December 11 with an additional Special Meeting on Thursday, December 17. The last meeting of the year resulted in several important votes. The Coastal Commission approved permits to retain shoreline armoring at Capistrano Beach and the Pacific Grove Coastal Trail. The Coastal Commission also concurred with a consistency determination for the Department of Navy’s Military Readiness Activities in the Point Mugu region. The Commission’s Special Meeting Local Government Public Workshop on Sea Level Rise Adaptation Planning resulted in a fruitful discussion on action needed to advance sea level rise planning in 2021. The meeting resulted in one vote chart on the Capistrano Beach Interim Armoring Permit.

Issues voted on at this meeting:

Capistrano Beach Interim Armoring Permit

On Wednesday, the Coastal Commission considered a two to five year permit request by Orange County Parks for the installation of new sandcube and riprap armoring to protect a parking lot and bike path at Capistrano Beach County Park in Dana Point...


Other Discussions