Meeting Overview

August 2021

The Coastal Commission’s August meeting took place virtually from Wednesday, August 11 through Friday, August 13. The meeting featured a full agenda with several important local coastal program updates. The Commission approved the City of Morro Bay comprehensive land use plan (LUP) update and received an informational update regarding the Marin County’s local coastal program update and the delayed coastal hazards update. Orange County Parks also gave an informational update regarding Capistrano Beach and the nature based alternatives analysis recently completed to assess options for addressing ongoing erosion issues. The meeting resulted in one vote chart.

Issues voted on at this meeting:

Morro Bay LUP Update

On Thursday, the Coastal Commission enthusiastically approved the City of Morro Bay’s comprehensive local coastal program update. The update was several years in the making and was approved with complete concurrence between Commission and City staff...


Other Discussions