Meeting Overview

Fort Bragg
July 2022

The Coastal Commission met in Fort Bragg on Wednesday, July 13 through Friday, July 15. The Commission heard several important informational updates including a progress report on CalTrans Eureka-Arcata Hwy 101 Corridor Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan and a planning briefing from the City of Fort Bragg. The Commission also found substantial issue with two noteworthy local permits involving shoreline armoring in Oceanside and Laguna Beach and approved a controversial cease and desist order involving Reservation Ranch in Del Norte County. The Reservation Ranch item resulted in a vote chart.

Issues voted on at this meeting:

Reservation Ranch Restoration - Del Norte County

On Thursday, the Commission’s enforcement division brought forth a consent cease and desist order regarding unpermitted development in and around tidal sloughs that flow through a property near the mouth of the Smith River known as Reservation Ranch in Del Norte County...


Other Discussions