Meeting Overview

San Diego
October 2022

The Coastal Commission’s October meeting took place in San Diego on October 12-14. The meeting featured a very busy agenda including the permitting of South Coast Water District’s Doheny desalination plant, a permit extension for nuclear waste storage at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, short term rentals in Half Moon Bay, denial of the Santa Cruz County LCP update for coastal hazards and approval of the Newport Beach Confined Aquatic Disposal Facility (CAD). The Santa Cruz LCP update and the Newport Beach CAD both resulted in vote charts. The Doheny desalination facility and the SONGS spent fuel storage permit extension are described below.

Issues voted on at this meeting:

Santa Cruz County LCP Update

Santa Cruz County’s local coastal program update for coastal hazards came before the Commission despite never having completed a vulnerability assessment or technical review of the sea level rise threats facing the County’s 32 miles of coastline...

Newport Beach Confined Aquatic Disposal Facility

The City of Newport Beach applied to construct a confined aquatic disposal (CAD) site in Newport Harbor and perform beach replenishment in Newport Beach...


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