Beacon's Beach Appeal


February 8, 2024

The Commission denied an appeal by neighboring property owners of the City of Encinitas permit to remove an 26-stall public parking lot and blufftop sidewalk and replace them with 15 public parking spaces and a sidewalk located further inland. The Commission saw this for what it was; the appeal follows a clear pattern of behavior from a vocal minority to oppose any development at Beacon’s that does not involve bluff stabilization. While bluff stabilization might offer additional protection from erosion for the properties of adjacent blufftop homeowners, it would negatively impact Beacon’s beach and is in clear violation of the Leucadia State Beach General Plan.

Why You Should Care

The City of Encinitas has an obligation under its park maintenance agreement to maintain Leucadia State Beach, including Beacon’s Beach. As such, Encinitas cannot approve a retaining wall, seawall or similar device and has been advised so on numerous occasions. Doing otherwise, would set a bad precedent of protecting public parks with seawalls; thereby sacrificing the coast for access along it. Check out the recent Surfrider San Diego chapter blog for more details.


Pro-Coast Vote

Anti-Coast Vote

The Commission unanimously denied this appeal without much fanfare. 

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