Meeting Overview

February 2024

The Coastal Commission’s February meeting took place in Oceanside on February 7-9. The Coastal Commission held important informational updates on the Ocean Protection Council’s draft sea level rise guidance update and the Tijuana River pollution crisis. The three day meeting was fairly busy and resulted in five vote charts. Those include:

  • Opposition Unless Amended Position SB 951 on the Coastal Zone in San Francisco
  • Approval of a house in a coastal canyon in San Clemente
  • Denial of an appeal of managed retreat at Beacon’s Beach
  • Denial of an appeal of a new house in coastal dunes at Stinson Beach
  • Substantial Issue finding of an appeal of a bluff seawall in Rio Del Mar

Issues voted on at this meeting:


Other Discussions

Sea Level Rise Guidance Update - Ocean Protection Council 

In January 2024, the Ocean Protection Council released a draft update on the State of California Sea Level Rise Guidance: 2024 Science and Policy Update. The guidance is meant to help the state increase resilience to rising seas and climate change related coastal hazards and incorporate the latest scientific findings from the February 2022 national report entitled Global and Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States. OPC hosted a series of public webinar workshops to receive feedback on the guidance. The public comment period is open until March 4. Notably, the guidance does not foresee an H++ (greater than 10 feet) sea level scenario in California until potentially after 2100.