Morro Bay Implementation Plan


March 15, 2024

The Coastal Commission approved the comprehensive Morro Bay Implementation Plan update. Morro Bay has a diverse coastline from state park, sandy beaches and agricultural areas to harbor, industrial and residential uses. One major goal of the LUP is to ensure the City is resilient to climate change and sea level rise. 

The Commission approved the land use plan, phase one of the LCP update, last year. The IP maintains the LUP’s requirements for coastal protections. The LUP requires that shoreline armoring only be used to protect pre-Coastal Act structures in danger from erosion. The IP also incentivises affordable housing and multi-modal transportation. The former power plant and wastewater treatment plant sites are required to undergo a master planning process to solicit public input. The former power plant site is zoned Public Facility, Visitor Serving Commercial and Mixed-Use Residential the former wastewater treatment plant site is zoned for open space. 

Why You Should Care

Similar to most coastal municipalities, Morro Bay’s LCP was overdue for a comprehensive update. The previous implementation plan was certified in 1997. This update stands out because it was approved as submitted, owing to their close coordination and cooperation with Coastal Commission staff and adherence to the Coastal Act - despite the diversity of coastal uses.


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Commissioner Meagan Harmon commended the city and commission staff for great collaboration. Ex Officio Commissioner Jenn Eckerle noted this policy is an exemplary model for the state. Meagan motioned for approval, Commissioner and the Commission approved the update as submitted.

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Local Coastal Program

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Coastal Act Policy