Meeting Overview

March 2024

The Coastal Commission meeting took place in Sacramento on March 13-15. The meeting featured several important issues and resulted in three vote charts, including enforcement action for Toes Beach, denial of a seawall in Rio Del Mar and approval of the Morro Bay Implementation Plan comprehensive update. The Commission also voted to approve a temporary ban on beach camping at San Carpoforo in Big Sur, discussed below.

Issues voted on at this meeting:


Other Discussions

San Carpoforo

On Thursday, the Coastal Commission approved a two-year ban on overnight camping at San Corpoforo in Big Sur. This action was widely supported by the community and local non-profits due to the impacts caused by the free hike-in beach camping. The location has risen in popularity through social media. The Commission and the US Forest Service determined that the lack of visitor serving amenities such as trash cans, restrooms, fire rings and more was adversely impacting sensitive habitat and endangered species.

Every month, the Coastal Commission makes difficult decisions about the balance between protecting the coast and development. In recent history, the Commission has rejected the notion that enhanced coastal access is not consistent with coastal protection. Countless examples along the coast, including many State Parks, prove this notion wrong. Indeed, equitable access fosters stewardship and a thriving coast. Despite this, careful management of coastal access is warranted and public services are needed in this location to ensure that habitat is protected such as public restrooms and waste management.