Rio Del Mar Amoring Appeal


February 9, 2024

The Commission found ‘substantial issue’ with a Santa Cruz County permit for the construction of a 110 foot bluff retaining wall and drainage infrastructure. According to the applicants, the proposed retaining wall is intended to protect three homes at the base of the coastal bluff from landslide debris. The project violates the County’s LCP in multiple ways and the proposed retaining wall will not function in a way that reduces the threat of landslide; therefore, it is appropriate that the Coastal Commission substantial issue with this CDP.

Why You Should Care

This project lacks legal and factual support for approval. The numerous violations of the LCP set bad precedent with regards to future interpretations of the County’s LCP. The Commission should deny this project.


Pro-Coast Vote

Anti-Coast Vote

The Commission agreed with the staff recommendation to find ‘substantial issue’. 

Organizations Opposed

Surfrider Foundation

Decision Type


Staff Recommendation

Substantial Issue

Coastal Act Policy